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Her Head in Films is a podcast that makes movies personal by combining an in-depth exploration of cinema with an emotional look at how film has shaped my life. Talking about films is a way for me to share my voice, tell my story, and explore the intense effect that cinema has on me.

Her Head in Films is a good fit for people who are interested in both classic and obscure cinematic gems and are comfortable with an emotional discussion of films. The podcast includes adult content and discussions of subjects like rape, violence, and sexuality.

Who is Her Head in Films?

Her Head in Films is hosted by Caitlin, a passionate cinephile who lives in the rural South. She is a writer and holds a B.A. in English Literature and Women’s Studies. She is a working class feminist who cares deeply about the world around her. In addition to cinema, she’s also passionate about books, art, Leftist politics, Tori Amos, and true crime. You can learn more about her story here.

Why Did I Create the Podcast?

In 2016, Her Head in Films was created on a lark as a way for me to share my feelings about the movies I was watching. It was a time in my life full of upheaval, including the 2016 election and a big move that uprooted me and left me reeling. I didn’t even have a microphone, just a Chromebook, and I started recording my thoughts. Over time, I gained listeners, bought that much-needed microphone, and got serious about the podcast. I started to feel that I had something unique to contribute.

I do the podcast because cinema has been life-saving for me. I suffered the devastating loss of my father when I was a teenager. I talk about this experience on the podcast often. After his death, film was one of the things I turned to in order to survive. I turn to it still. Through the episodes, I share my story with other people. I talk about deeply personal experiences of grief, loss, mental illness, loneliness, and physical disability. I hope that by sharing what I’ve been through, I can make others feel less alone.

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I always enjoy listening to Caitlin talk about films on her podcast, whether or not I’ve actually seen the film(s) under discussion. This is because the podcast provides so much more than just a description or a review: instead a film provides the opportunity for her to think through a number of artistic, political, and deeply personal issues. I’m always surprised and delighted by her insights and the connections she makes, and appreciate her willingness to speak from a place of openness and vulnerability. I listen to a number of podcasts, but I prioritize few the way I prioritize Her Head in Films. — jataide on iTunes

Caitlin is super knowledgable about films and film history but the best thing about her, as our guide into the world of cinema, is her curiosity and desire to continue to explore film frontiers she is less familiar with. I always find new films to watch and discover and am never disappointed. — smandelburg on iTunes

I’m so happy that I found this podcast. Excellent film selection full of gems that don’t often get featured in film or nostalgia podcasts paired with Caitlin’s lovely insight. It’s so much more than just a recap or set of opinions, but rather like a ‘familiar essay’ in podcast form. You feel like you’re having tea with a dear friend who has similar tastes. — echobarleysheath on iTunes

Caitlin is a born storyteller with impeccable taste in art house cinema. She wears her heart on her sleeve and draws you into her personal relationship with each of the movies she discusses. Movies aren’t just entertainment to her; they are the bread and butter of life. I love to listen to Her Head in Films as I fall asleep. Her soft twangy voice is like the best ASMR meets your favorite public radio hosts. Come for great movie recommendations, but stay for the host, herself. — Feminist Popcorn on iTunes

I love how intimate this podcast feels and the host’s vulnerability, as well as how she delves into her personal connection to films. She strikes me as a highly sensitive and empathetic person, as well as being very perceptive emotionally, and I just really enjoy her take. I don’t think you have to be prone to melancholy to enjoy this podcast, but I do think that’s part of why I felt an instant connection to it. Caitlin, I’m glad you exist and that your voice is out there in the world. — Travis L. Michael on iTunes

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