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“My head isn’t in the clouds, my head is in films.”

Hello. I’m Caitlin. The sentence above is from an email I wrote many years ago. At the time, I was trying to describe my obsession with cinema, how it’s all I could think about. When I started to consider creating a film podcast, I remembered that email and that phrase. In 2016, Her Head in Films was born.

When my father died in 2006, cinema was one of the things I turned to for solace and comfort. I would sit in darkened theaters and enter other worlds and get a glimpse at other lives. It was the closest thing to healing I’ve ever felt. It’s also the closest I’ve come to feeling any real connection in this world. For me, cinema has been life-saving.

Her Head in Films is dedicated to the personal, the subjective, the emotional. It’s about my intimate, intense relationship with mostly art house and international cinema. At the same time, as a working class feminist, I can’t help but infuse politics into my analysis. I try to strike a balance between my personal response to a film and the larger issues at work in the story.

Her Head in Films has grown into something I never expected. It’s become a cathartic outlet for me. It’s allowed me to share my feelings and emotions about the art form of cinema.  I’ve always wanted to contribute something to the world, and I truly believe that this podcast is one way that I can make others feel less alone.

This website features all the podcast episodes, along with my writings about film. I envision this site as an archive of my cinemania.

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