Episode 109: Jean Vigo’s L’atalante (1934)

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In this episode, I talk about Jean Vigo’s wondrous and magical 1934 film, “L’atalante”. On the surface, it’s the simple story of Jean and Juliette,  newlyweds who begin their life together on the boat where Jean lives and works. When things get boring and monotonous, Juliette begins dreaming of Paris and, when the boat stops near it, she wanders off to explore the city by herself, leaving Jean behind. This separation of the two lovers will test their new and fragile marriage. Jean Vigo is an iconic director who died at the age of 29 and left behind few films but his output continues to influence filmmakers today.  L’atalante is his only feature film and it’s not to be missed. In this episode, I talk about Vigo, the making of the film, and how the film explores romance, marriage, and much more. There are spoilers in this episode.

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