Episode 27: Two Made-For-TV Movies from the 1990s – Christopher Leitch’s She Fought Alone (1995) and Marina Sargenti’s Lying Eyes (1996)

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Often maligned and disparaged, made-for-tv movies from the 1990s have gotten a bad reputation. The biggest critique is that they always portray women as victims. As a child of the 1990s (I was born in 1989), I grew up on these made-for-tv movies that usually aired on the Lifetime Network. As an adult, I wanted to revisit two of these films, in particular, and see what they had to offer. I share my analysis in this episode. While both films–“She Fought Alone” and “Lying Eyes”–have problematic aspects to them, I think they also contain some important messages about violence against women, rape culture, and toxic masculinity. I’m not just interested in how these films portray women but in how they portray men. These films make visible the violence against women in our society and they show the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which men harm women. In the end, I argue for the value of looking at these made-for-tv movies in a complex and nuanced way.


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